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What is Hello Photo all about?

Hello Photo is a photography competition, hosted by Hello Haemophilia, to raise awareness about haemophilia and empower the community.

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Life, Camera, Action!

We are encouraging the community to capture and share a moment showcasing life beyond haemophilia — showing the world nothing can hold us back!


Those wanting to take part should take an original photo (or multiple photos) of how they interpret the theme of showcasing life beyond haemophilia. Photos can be uploaded below, where a selection will be displayed on our online gallery. All photos must be submitted before June 30th 2018.


Our jury, a selection of members of both the haemophilia and photography community, will then pick the best 10 photos to be put to the community for voting. Then it’s up to our community (that’s you!) to vote on your favourite photo.


The results will be published on hello haemophilia (UK and ROI) and our facebook page. The winning photos will be displayed at European Haemophilia Consortium in Brussels on 6 October 2018 (with the photographers' permission). The aim of Hello Photo is to increase awareness about haemophilia and come together as a community.

Upload your photos here

Upload your photos here

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You can participate in the competition by submitting up to five images.

All you need to do is:

1. Click "Choose Files"/"Browse", then select the photo you would like to submit.

2. Give your photo a title. For example, "A day in the park" or whatever you think best describes your photo.

3. If you are entering multiple photos, repeat the first two steps again until all your photos have been uploaded.

Images must adhere to common public decency and neither advertise products nor illustrate illegal activities.

4. Please read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and tick the boxes if you approve.

5. Select your age group.

6. Enter your e-mail address.

7. Click “Submit”

Congratulations! Your photo has now been submitted to the competition and will soon be visible on the online gallery after a short validation process. Check back soon in the Photo Gallery!